The primary goal of my research is to provide support and advocacy for health information consumers by revealing their motivations, information needs, and perceptions and the resources that are shared among peers in social media. Social questioning and answering (social Q&A), which allow people to ask questions and receive answers among their peer users and to benefit from the collective wisdom of many, has been the major focus of my research. I have studied other types of social media as well.

I utilize a mixed method approach to incorporate both qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis. Methods used include surveys, content analysis, and text mining. Librarians, nurses, social media users, and undergraduate students have been invited to participate in the studies. I work independently and in collaboration with international and interdisciplinary scholars. I disseminate my work in refereed publications and presentations at national and international venues.

I base my teaching on my philosophy of active and collaborative learning, by designing and developing project-based courses for enhancing students’ knowledge and practice. Health Informatics and Digital Libraries are the major subject areas of the courses that I teach. I actively participate in professional and academic committees to promote the field.

Social Media Research Projects

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